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Rustic Western Furniture

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

rustic western furniture

Use Native Drums For Rustic Tables In Your Cabin Or Lodge

Looking for a great rustic decorating idea? Native drums used as rustic tables are very attractive and a great way to incorporate authentic Native design and enrich Indian style in your home. Along with playing Indian drums in drumming groups and circles, you can use them to add creative, rustic style to any home.

I recently changed my home decor, including one of a kind pieces of log furniture to give it an interesting southwest look, and found that adding a Native American drum coffee table and drum end table along with other country style accessories, worked beautifully as accent pieces to my rustic furnishings.

Maybe you are like me and truly like western style floor drums and log drums to use as rustic tables in interior design and southwestern decor. Native Indian floor drums are truly a very real representation of Indigenous society and customs and are regularly used by many American Indian tribes in powwows and other ceremonial rituals.

Indian drums for many generations, have always been significant to the Native ceremony, such as the powwow, and have been fundamental in religious beliefs and spirituality for many Indigenous cultures.

As you begin reading about the fascinating history of rustic drums, you will realize just how significant they are to the Indian people. For many years, tribal leaders have used the drum beat as a bridge to get in touch with the Great Spirit and with the Spiritual world.

Native Americans consider their drums as sacred and deeply respect the living spirit they believe lives within each drum. The Spirit of the drum is thought to communicate to the drummer and signifies not only life, but also Mother Nature.

Now days, a lot of decorators are bringing these unique Native drums into their homes to be used as southwestern furnishings such as rustic tables, coffee tables and end tables. There is something very unique about adding an authentic piece of furniture such as a drum table to your southwest interior design, to enrich Native American style in your home.

You will enjoy decorating with rustic tables because of the unique individuality they add to their environment. Each drum comes from a vibrant historical legacy that literally enriches the setting where it is placed. One of the things you will enjoy most about including a decorative table drum as part of your rustic wood furniture is that it is a very authentic icon of Indian culture.

If you love country style home decor, you can easily buy decorative drums that work as coffee tables, floor drums and rustic tables, online and in stores that sell western and country home decor. No matter how they are used, it is easy to find Indian style drums that will bring true western style to the environment in your home.

If you are intrigued with the unique culture of the Native American Indians and wish to add to the southwest style furnishings in your home, you will certainly enjoy decorating with Native drums as rustic tables.

About the Author

Craig Chambers is the director of Mission Del Rey and offers free tips online about using Native drums as rustic tables for great southwest style decorating. For more information visit

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rustic western furniture
rustic western furniture
rustic western furniture