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Mexican Rustic Furniture

Friday, May 18th, 2012

mexican rustic furniture

Styles of California Kitchen Cabinets   by Peter Holmes

California kitchen cabinets come in many styles and colors these days. Your kitchen is an important part of your house whether you are a passionate cook or not. So when planning your décor or remodeling, explore the many styles available in the market today and choose one that suits you and the rest of your home the best.

Traditional kitchen

The traditional kitchen is one of the most popular styles out there and generally adapts well to most homes. Most kitchen remodel Orange County specialists will have experience and expertise with this style. It includes rich wooden cabinets, detailed molding and period styling. It often borrows from time-tested European and American styles. The traditional kitchen will also typically have an island in the middle with rich wooden finishing.
This style also adapts well to a luxurious look. One can get ceiling details like cornices to continue with the traditional theme. There are no harsh lightings or cold steel doors in this style. For a complete look, steel or chrome finish doors like fridge doors are covered by wooden cabinets.

Cottage kitchen

Many California kitchen cabinets are made according to this style. This warm, cozy style kitchen pays attention to little details for the right atmosphere. It often has simple moldings, wainscoting, white-painted cabinets, plate rails and a farm sink. Also included are little touches like potted herbs and a display cabinet that shows collectible pottery. Rustic furniture and implements like an old cooker or clock add to the atmosphere. A very close cousin to the cottage style kitchen is the country kitchen. While the former often gives a feminine touch, the latter has more masculine accents.

Contemporary kitchen

A complete antidote to the traditional kitchen, the contemporary style is often ideal when going for smaller kitchen remodel Orange County. This style is mainly European in origin. This stark and minimalistic design gives smaller kitchens a clean and spacious look. It avoids any elaborate decorative touches such as crown moldings, raised paneling and wood carvings. It often uses man-made materials such as metal, glass and plastic. Since this style can seem sterile and cold, many kitchen remodel Orange County specialists add natural stone, wood veneer or potted plants for a more cozy touch.

Other styles

If you want some Zen in the kitchen, something like an Asian-theme kitchen comes highly recommended. California kitchen cabinets today come in many other options apart from the above basic styles. You can also opt for newer styles such as Asian-themed kitchens, Italian, Mexican or French styles. These styles pick decorative items from their original countries along with their aesthetic sensibilities, as in the case of minimalistic Asian kitchen styles.

When contacting a kitchen remodel Orange County specialist, explore different styles and choose a style that reflects your own and goes with your home decor.

About the Author

Peter Holmes is an expert in Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Orange County. He provides consultation on Orange County kitchen remodeling , California kitchen cabinets, bathroom remodeling California, etc.

mexican rustic furniture
mexican rustic furniture
mexican rustic furniture