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Rustic Western Furniture

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

rustic western  furniture

How Using Native Drums As Rustic Tables Enhances Southwest Decor

It’s not hard to create great rustic home decor! Native drums used as rustic tables are the best and most inexpensive way to bring true southwest design and enrich western style in your home. Along with using Indian drums as musical instruments in drumming groups and circles, you can use them to add designer, rustic style to any interior. I recently changed my home decor, using beautiful pieces of log furniture to give it a true southwestern feel, and found that including a Native American drum coffee table and drum end table along with other country western accessories, looked very nice as accent pieces to my rustic furnishings.

Perhaps you are like me and truly like country style floor drums and log drums to use as rustic tables in home decorating and interior design. Native American floor drums are truly a very real representation of Indigenous customs and are regularly used by many Native American tribes in traditional ceremonies and rituals. Indian drums for many decades, have always been significant to the Indian ceremony, such as the powwow, and have helped form the ideology of religious beliefs and spirituality for many Indigenous groups.

Once you begin studying the intriguing history of Indian drums, you will realize just how influential they are to the Native people. For many generations, leaders of the tribe have used the drum beat as a bridge to connect with the Great Spirit and with the Spirit world. Native Americans consider their drums as sacred and have great respect for the living spirit they believe lives within each drum. The Spirit of the drum is thought to speak to the drummer and signifies not only living things, but also Mother Nature.

Today, a lot of interior designers are bringing these unique Native drums into their homes to be used as southwestern furniture such as rustic tables, coffee tables and end tables. There is something very unique about adding an authentic piece of furniture such as a drum table to your western decor, to enrich Native American style in your home. You will love decorating with rustic tables because of the uniqueness they add to their setting. Each drum comes from a vibrant historical heritage that definitely enriches the area where it is placed. One of the things you will like most about using a decorative table drum along with your rustic wood furniture is that it is a very real icon of American Indian culture.

If you are interested in southwestern style home decorating, you can easily find Native drums that work as coffee tables, floor drums and rustic tables, online and in stores that sell southwestern and country decorating items. No matter which way you choose to use them, it is easy to find Native style drums that will add true western style to your home decor. If you are drawn to the beautiful culture of the Native Americans and wish to add to the southwest decorating in your log home or cabin, you will no doubt enjoy using Native drums as rustic tables.

About the Author

Craig Chambers is the director of Mission Del Rey and author offering free tips about using Native drums as rustic tables for southwestern and rustic decor. For more information visit

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rustic western furniture
rustic western furniture
rustic western furniture