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garden rustic

Why You Should Use Railway Sleepers For Your Raised Planters

1. Railway sleepers are the ideal length to create a perfectly shaped planter. Placed on their side, four sleepers will form a raised planter that is big enough to house plenty of plants comfortably, but not so many that the planter becomes too overwhelming to care for, or too big for you to reach the plants in the centre with ease. Large plants with broad leaves, such as a courgette plant, will thrive in raised beds, because the raised aspect allows you to access the vegetables at the base of the plant with ease, whilst the container nature of the planter inhibits the courgette’s natural propensity to spread. If you have several raised bed planters, you can create a very ordered vegetable garden, separating those plants that detract from each other when planted too closely, such as legumes and alliums.

2. One railway sleeper on its side will raise the planter so that it looks neat and compact; two placed one on top of the other will raise the planter to the extent where gardening becomes possible for people with mobility problems, or for families with young children. The beauty of using a sleeper like this is that they are also strong and wide enough to provide a comfortable seat from which to work, or even to take a well deserved break with a cup of tea positioned securely by your side. Weeding becomes much a much simpler task, as a raised railway sleeper planter does away with the effort of kneeling and then getting up again every few minutes to change location, and wheelchair users will find gardening a much more rewarding hobby with the plants growing at a more accessible level. Another point to bear in mind is that should you have dogs, the height of a raised planter is likely to discourage them from using your vegetable patch or fruit garden as a bathroom or playground.

3. Ecologically, giving reclaimed railway sleepers a new home in your garden is a wonderful solution – it prevent timber going to landfills unnecessarily, whilst decreasing the need to chop down more trees. Ultimately, reclaimed sleepers in your landscaping projects create a natural and rustic look whilst benefitting the environment – if we could recycle more in this way, the planet would be facing a much brighter future. By growing your fruit, vegetables or flowers in such an ecologically friendly environment, you can be thoroughly proud of yourself for doing your bit to save the world from the comfort of your own back garden!

garden rustic
garden rustic
garden rustic

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