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french rustic

French Style Home Accessories

French style home accessories can brighten your decor. A French look country kitchen can be decorated with cheerful colors and expression. Antiqued cooper, colorful ceramics, aged, sturdy earthenware and decorative metal and iron add French accents to home decorating efforts.

Adding a touch of southern France to your kitchen can be organizational as well as welcoming and stylish. You will want to use accessories for decorating that are as pleasing to the eye as they are useful. Carved wood and old paintings along with vases and dishes to hold vegetables and fruits are a must. A wrought iron pot rack can be softened with floral accents in abundance.

Celebrate functionality in your French style accessories. Have a cutting board handy but make it a rustic well-used one and put it on display. Show off stoneware and canisters as you use them also for decorations. Display unique bottles of cooking wines, spices, vinegars and oils. Don’t hide the large ceramic serving platters, bowls, pitchers and colorful ceramic canisters. Instead, display them on the counter where they are ready for use.

French style uses worn iron and metals, aged wood surfaces with rough finishes. You may want to choose wrought iron light fixtures and iron wall decor. In the kitchen, you could use a pot rack above the sink where large pots can be hung to dry.

Rustic urns and Mediterranean pottery along with woven baskets give a home a French style warmth and glow. Use of art and stone along with color will enhance your theme. The use of different shades of red and yellows will wake up a room. Wrought iron and metal are essential French accessories.

The casual magnetism of French furniture is practical. Use accent tables in wood with iron, marble or carved tops. The iron may be scrolled. A table may be planked with a rustic look seating up to twelve people. Here, accents of metal are appropriate. Shades of red add to the accessories for color and warmth while yellow and dark blue are often married.

Draperies and candles are added to the bedroom furnishing to add a romantic touch. Even a masculine bedroom has candles and drapes. There may be iron decor on the walls to keep the masculine feel. The use of wrought iron and other metal will keep it from getting a feminine look. Use layers of woven tapestries to add depth, and use glass to add a touch of refinement.

Wall art is another way to add the look of France. The use of matting and frames will enhance artwork and keep it up-to-date. A wall tapestry can be framed by wrought iron accent pieces. Texture, theme and color is what a tapestry is all about and it will help in the decorating of a room. You can use bold colors or use a soft tapestry to give it a softer look. Your choice of tapestries can set the mood for the room.

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Boutique Provencale offer a huge range of French Style Home Accessories including French Pottery which will give any home and kitchen that French country style decor your after.

french rustic
french rustic

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