Building Rustic Furniture

Posted by wp-admin on June 15th, 2012 — Posted in Rustic Designs

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building rustic furniture
Is there a right time for cutting down and drying hardwood saplings?

I am wanting to build rustic furniture, bark and all. Worried about splitting and cracking. May not be a problem. If anyone knows please let me know.

I’ve known people that made rustic furniture, and they went out and cut the wood, and then made the furniture. They never seemed to worry about the seasons. However, bark peels off more easily from trees that are cut in the winter, when the sap is down, so my guess is that if you want the bark to stay on, cutting trees anytime other than winter might be best. That would fit in with the rustic furniture makers I’ve known, this was mostly a nice weather business it seemed.

building rustic furniture
building rustic furniture
building rustic furniture

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