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Sunday, September 30th, 2012


rustic decorHow to Decorate Using Rustic Decor   by Michelle Anne

Your surroundings can determine your design, and going with country charm can create a personalized space. This type of decorating is flexible enough to work with quaint cottages or old-style farmhouses and cabins. Elements that set off country style include vintage details that you may find online or at flea markets or antique shops. You may find this type of decorating affordable and fun as you hunt for things that will make your home resonate with distinctive appeal.

When shopping for these types of items, look for kitchenware and linens that can serve dual purpose. Table linens in a vintage pattern, for example, can be used on tables or as coverings for pillows. When you use the same material in different spots throughout the house, the defined look pulls together the rustic decor theme.

Vintage glassware also can add sparkle and interest in a rustic decor setting. A line of cobalt blue glasses filled with yellow mums on a windowsill brings instant cheer. Depression glass can look lovely in different colors in a china cabinet as a collection. Originals can be hard to find, which makes the shopping and hunting for it all the more fun. Vendors online or local antique shops may be able to help you find specific pieces.

The behind-the-scenes magic in rustic decor can involve the hidden elements that you don’t see, but which make the rooms decidedly cozy. Simmer pots filled with potpourri can instantly transform a setting into a fragrant, comfortable space. Look for apple cinnamon or peach fragrances, depending on your preference, to add a quick hint of an aroma-filled kitchen that may remind you of childhood.

The gold standard for rustic decoris bedding that reflects country charm as well as your own tastes. Seasonal bazaars and online sites can offer colorful quilts in an array of patterns. Do some research to find ones that you adore that also can work in your own home design. You can obtain several mismatched varieties to add visual interest to different rooms. These quilts can be part of your regular bedding or displayed in a rack in your living room for a quick cuddle when it is cold.

With careful selections and attention to detail, a home decorated in country vintage style can be simple to create and maintain. This style can be easy on your budget if you look for sales and compare prices. Make the most of your home with elements that mix vintage charm with your own modern tastes for comfort and versatility.

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