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Rustic Furniture Accessories

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

rustic furniture accessories
redecorating teen bedroom?

I’m looking to redesign my bedroom, but I don’t know what exactly to do. I’m going for a vintage/ eclectic/ rustic feel to it. I know I can scout antique malls, etc. for furniture and accessories, but I kinda want an idea in mind before I go out an shop. Do you have any suggestions/ pictures/ websites to shop at/ etc. to use as inspiration? (:

Info you may need:
I am a teenager, so I want something fun, but not childish.
My walls are a light gray, so I want some stuff with brighter colors.
I am on a loose budget, so I don’t want anything real expensive.

Brickell Collections Lookbook, Facebook and Twitter page is a great resource for decorating ideas and decorating tips for different parts of the home.




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rustic furniture accessories
rustic furniture accessories
rustic furniture accessories