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Candles Rustic

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

candles rustic
I found an old rustic fireplace mantle.?

how could i put it in my room without it looking out of place.Is there a way i could decorate it or put candles underneath it? Any ideas appreciated!

Yes!! You could paint it to match your decor, or leave it natural so it has that “aged” charm. Take a large piece of black posterboard (or paint a piece of plywood, depending on your skill level) and tack it to the wall behind the fireplace opening, high and wide enough so no one can see the edges behind the mantle – instant fake fireplace! Put a basket of dried flowers, or an old wrought-iron grate in front of the opening. I would avoid burning candles in the opening since it’s a fire hazard, but you could sit a couple inside for decoration and not light them. Put candlesticks on top of the mantle and above it, hang a mirror with some kind of old-fashioned frame. Gorgeous! I’m jealous of your find!!

PS – I like CatZ’s idea of an old brass fireplace fan. If that works with your decor, I would add the basket of dried flowers or some other element to soften the effect of the brass.

candles rustic
candles rustic