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Rustic Chic

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I am looking for some organic wedding items.. help!?

Okay I am looking for the following items, if you have links to them please send me the link!!

-recycled or tree free paper NOTEBOOK. I want to use a nice rustic looking notebook (blank pages) as a guestbook at my wedding!

-twig pencils/pens– the ones that are made out of twigs…

-card box- you know the ones ppl put wedding cards in? One of those, but very eco chic looking… recycled content!

-BULK CFL lightbulbs… I need about 100 of them!!

-about 100 soy tealight or votive candles
ANY other hints and tips on little touched to make my wedding purchasing more co friendly and green, please do help. The CFLs are for the favors, notebook for guestbook, twig pencils. my dress is organic cotton, very few flowers at reception/ceremony (only bridal parties bouquets, no other flowers) and the flowers for those bouquets are from my organic garden!

Anything else you think I might find interesting plz let me know!!

.Good day,
How cool…have you check local nursery’s the will rent potted plants- no kill ideas…I went on line to and found clf for 1.38 for orders of 40 or more…Card box, do you have any young teen in your party??? Remember shoebox floats.. I would have the girls decorate with natures goodies and couple of bows- you got a card box….I also found a place that sell journal- no tree product at all–Its called Elephant Poo. And its made with elephant poo- no smell, nice feel and i really like this product…good greens to you

Rustic Chic

rustic chic
rustic chic